The Origin of Tea Culture

The Origin of Tea Culture

Flashback to late winter of this year. A few friends met for breakfast, encouraging each other in life and career and living well. A couple shares that they have a dream to start a tea company born from their love of tea and their knowledge and desire to start their own business. Two others explain they have had the same dream. And suddenly, an idea sparks and the dream starts to become reality. Well that was us, and that dream is now Tea Culture. 


We knew we wanted to offer only the best whole leaf, loose leaf tea. And not only that, but to do it in a way that creates a shared community around tea, it's history, and it's traditions. We have spent that time from then until now tasting and blending and becoming even more immersed in tea culture so that we can share it all with you. We are so excited to finally be sharing our tea with you all. And please, stay connected with us. Comment here, shoot us an e-mail, chat with us via Facebook or Instagram, because we are all about community and sharing tea and life with you all.

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  • Joel Ressel

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